What is IG-Fashion all about!

The project “IG-Fashion – Towards and intelligent and green approach in VET fashion design” is looking into integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) inspired solutions and educational assistance tools in VET and upper secondary schools’ programs in the fashion sector.

IG-Fashion provides trainers and schoolteachers with innovative training/teaching approaches and tools, which in turn will do two things:

  • first, the fashion teachers’ and trainers’ professional profiles will be enhanced and modernized, especially in terms of the technological leaps affecting education, and are connected not only with the use of traditional IT tools but also artificial intelligence.
  • second, the employability in fashion-related professions, which are increasingly affected by new technologies, as well as environmental concerns, will be boosted, since present and future professionals in the sector will acquire the needed knowledge and skills for an “intelligent and green fashion sector”.
Towards an intelligent and green approach in VET Fashion Design
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