Here you can have a look at our planned main outputs and the activities leading to them. The whole process is organised in two work-packages (WPs). In the menu Downloads and Tools, you will have direct access to these outputs as they are developed and published!

WP 2

Compendium on the Application and Impact of AI in the Fashion industry

Welcome to WP2:
Unveiling Sustainable Fashion Practices! Our mission is to gather, organize, and showcase the remarkable green initiatives across the entire apparel supply chain. By harnessing the power of AI technology, we’re taking sustainability to new heights.
Introducing the Compendium, a treasure trove of sustainable practices. From production to distribution, use to end-of-life, every stage of the fashion journey is explored. Discover the immense potential of AI Chatbots as they guide the industry towards a greener future.

Activities of WP2:
A.2.1 Compendium methodology – A methodology to define the possible structure of the Compendium and its content
A.2.2 Good sustainability practices from the fashion industry – A state-of-the-art research of green good practices from the Fashion Industry
A.2.3 Challenges & benefits of using AI Chatbots in the Fashion Industry – A collection of 50 interviews with various industry experts
A.2.4 Identification of training needs for integrating AI Chatbots in VET – A collection of 75 interviews with VET trainers, educational professionals, and students
A.2.5 Compendium elaboration – A compiled compendium containing all previously collected results is created in 5 languages

WP 3

Sustainable fashion design: Digital tools for green practices

Welcome to WP3:
Transforming Fashion Education! Our goal? Empowering VET/upper secondary schools with cutting-edge AI tools for greener fashion design. Get ready for a game-changer!
Introducing our AI Chatbot companion and online e-platform. Designed exclusively for VET trainers and learners, they’ll revolutionize your educational experience. Dive into a world where sustainability meets creativity!
Join us as we integrate AI technology, spread green practices, and shape the future of fashion education. Let’s make a lasting impact together!

Activities of WP3:
A.3.1 Development of green practices learning content for fashion designers – Definition of the topics (drawing from WP2), structure and elaboration of the content
A.3.2 Technical development of the online e-platform – Creation of the online LMS training platform hosting the IG-Fashion materials
A.3.3 Development of the AI Chatbot companion – Development of the chatbot architecture, question repository and translations in 5 languages
A.3.4 Development of manual and video tutorial – Instructions on how to use the e-platform and AI Chatbot in 5 languages
A.3.5 Testing of LMS platform & AI Chatbot beta – Qualitative and functional testing
A.3.6 Alpha LMS platform & AI Chatbot – Final version of the online tools
A.3.7 Recommendations & good practices – Development of an overall account of recommendations, good practices, and digital tools for sustainable fashion design

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