Compendium on the Application and Impact of AI in the Fashion Industry

The IG Fashion Compendium is the result of transnational research on the need to apply AI tools (like Chatbots) in the learning and training process of fashion-related subjects. In this document, we demonstrate all the data collected at the national level in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and Romania, covering topics such as sustainable fabrics, zero waste pattern making and cutting, design for decomposing, etc. The gathering of the information has been carried out through desk research (collection of green good practices in the fashion industry) and field research (interviews with VET learners/teachers to investigate their knowledge of AI tools, their application potential, relevance, and usefulness for educational purposes). You can download and read the Compendium by choosing the preferred language.

Interviewing fashion industry professionals, vocational education trainers, and students

Towards the development of the IG-Fashion Compendium, we reached out to the actual beneficiaries of our project – the fashion industry professionals and experts, and the VET trainers and students in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands. We interviewed more than 50 fashion industry professionals and more than 60 VET trainers and students. They provided us with valuable feedback on the following important aspects:

Fashion industry

  • Level of digitalization
  • Use of AI
  • Challenges, benefits, and impact
  • Sustainability practices

You can download and read the pdf by choosing the preferred language.

Vocation Education and Training for the fashion sector

Teachers’ and students’ perspectives on:

  • Use of digital technologies in the training and learning process
  • Benefits and advantages (including the use of AI tools)
  • Familiarity with AI tools in education
  • Familiarity with and application of eco standards

You can download and read the pdf by choosing the preferred language.

Analysis of good sustainability practices in the fashion industry and green measures undertaken by fashion businesses

An account for the fashion industry at the intersection of environmental protection and sustainability. Download here the IG-Fashion report to find out more about existing European Union legislature and measures, but also best practices in sustainable fashion in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, and the Netherlands. The report is in English and is the first step in developing the IG-Fashion project tools and material for sustainable fashion for the Vocational Education and Training community and fashion professionals.

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