What we do and what we offer!

Making the fashion sector more intelligent and greener is an interconnected objective. IG-Fashion is thus aiming at coupling “intelligent” teaching methods and tools with the objective for a greener fashion sector, corresponding to both the ways (vocational) education is transformed through technology advancements, as well as to the urging need to minimize the environmental aggravation of the fashion sector in general. Methodologically the project is focusing on the design phase in the fashion sector. However, it considers the whole supply chain in fashion production as equally important throughout all the preparatory, research, development activities.

Our steps, provisions, products:

  1. Carrying out primary and secondary research across the project countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands) as well as at EU level to:
    • Identify good practices in fashion sector sustainability.
    • Explore the needs but also challenges of integrating AI based tools in VET for teachers, students, professionals.

  2. Developing the IG-Fashion Compendium. The Compendium is a well-documented and integrated reference document and is the starting point and driver for our training approach design, drawing upon the findings of our research (see next point 3).

  3. Developing training material and tools for VET trainers and teachers promoting intelligent and greener fashion design to be hosted in an online open access e-learning space available in 6 languages.

  4. Developing an educational assistant chatbot to complement the learning and training experience as offered in our e-learning environment.
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