The National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption is a non-profit organization, fully committed to contribute to the development of sustainable consumption and production patterns in Romania, by raising awareness amongst businesses, public institutions and other organizations regarding the need for increasing resource efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of their products, services and operations, building capacity in resource efficiency and circular economy for enterprises and government institutions, providing support and advisory and facilitating access to information.

Address: Ulpia Traiana nr. 2, 300215, Timisoara, Romania
Phone number: 0040724528900 / 0256434397
E-mail: office@cnpcd.ro
Website: www.cnpcd.eu
Contact Person: Emma Szilagyi

CONFAO - National Consortium for Training, Professional Development and Orientation

CONFAO (National Consortium for Training, Professional Development and Orientation) is a non-profit organization founded in 2007. Our members are mainly upper secondary schools, with a few VET institutions. In addition, CONFAO is accredited to the Ministry of Education for teacher professional development and devises programs to support member schools and VET institutions at a national level, in order to improve resource quality within the school and VET system. CONFAO Portal provides ICT tools to implement programs and support members. It features an e-learning platform for teacher development (www.confaoelearning.it), as well as a Simulator for the Training Enterprise to support soft skills and orientation experiences for students (www.ifsconfao.net). CONFAO has a flexible and open organization, suitable to provide advice and personalized services to meet both public and private members’ needs.

Address: Via Tirone n. 11 – 00146, Rome, Italy
Phone number: 00390688373881
E-mail: confao@libero.it
Website: www.confao.it
Contact Persons: Maria Teresa Ciaffaroni, Marina Pacetti

Stichting Onderwijs Midden-Limburg (SOML)

SOML stands for the Stichting Onderwijs Midden-Limburg. The foundation SOML consists of 7 different schools for secondary and Nt2 education spread across 8 locations. With about 950 employees, we offer appropriate and challenging education to over 7000 students.
SOML offers unique and personalized education to its students, allowing them to choose the school and educational route that suits them best. SOML’s staff inspires, engages, and motivates the students on their personal learning journey, preparing them for the next step in their school career and society. SOML schools want to be more than just providers of good education and therefore offer extra’s such as the innovative education concept Agora, Technasium, Cultuurprofielschool, bilingual education, learning with devices and 20/80 education. SOML has a broad perspective and always strives to provide the best by seeking better ways of offering education.
SOML is a dynamic and innovative partner in several Erasmus+ projects related to STEAM education, sustainability, and cutting-edge school education, promoting innovation in education and breaking down traditional barriers to learning. The projects provide opportunities for teachers and students to explore new approaches to education, such as incorporating the latest technologies, promoting hands-on learning, and fostering a more dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Address: Heinsbergerweg 180, 6045 CK Roermond, The Netherlands
Phone number: 00310475322324
E-mail: soml@soml.nl
Website: https://www.soml.nl/
Contact Persons: Louisa Wolters, Guido van Dijk

Militos Consulting S.A.

Militos Consulting S.A. (21 years of operation) is a unique, dynamic, and innovative 360° consultancy firm with a strong European profile, international experience, and many distinctions in the provision of integrated and ground-breaking consultancy services in a broad spectrum of fields, including Skills Empowerment, Entrepreneurship Education, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Communication, Community Building and Awareness Measures, Event Management, Social Innovation, Culture, etc.
With a track record of 70 EU-funded projects and activities, as a leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as an in-depth understanding of European policies. Militos has expertise in the conceptualisation, development and operation of new and sustainable entrepreneurship schemes, train-the-trainer methodologies, interactive e-learning tools, immersive online games, and mobile applications.
Militos holds extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building, and activating networks, designing, managing and implementing demanding events and large-scale campaigns.

Address: Acharnon 335, 1145 Athens, Greece
Phone number: 00302106772129
E-mail: info@militos.org
Website: www.militos.org
Contact Person: Kyriakos Lingas

Effebi Association

Effebi Association is an Italian non-profit organization set up in 1978. The Board of Directors is composed by HR and training Managers from the main Italian Banks. Effebi organizes a variety of activities in the field of Human Resources and Organizational Development mainly for the banking and financial sector. Through its work, the Association strives to enhance the exchange of good practices and knowledge and collaboration with other organizations at national, European, and international level.
EFFEBI’s memberships:
EBTN – European Banking and Financial Services Training Association
EfVET- European forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
FEDERMANAGEMENT – Italian Federation of Management’s Associations
EFFEBI is the main Promoter and Founder of CRES -Centre for Research and European Studies – future business, a European non-profit Association set up in January 2019 by 10 organizations from 8 different EU countries (DE, ES, EL, IT, MT, PT, SE, RU) with valuable experience and specific expertise for an innovative development perspective of “future business”.
Up to now CRES includes several actors from across Europe – 33 organizations from 18 different EU countries – who are joining forces to develop and implement studies, research, and EU projects in the field of Sustainable development and social and economic growth; Education, training, and social inclusion; ICT and technological/digital innovation; Quality Assurance.

Address: Via Riccardo Zandonai 43, 00135, Rome, Italy
Phone number: 0039 06 3216719
E-mail: effebi@asseffebi.eu
Website: www.asseffebi.eu
Contact Person: Alessia Spatafora

PGO “Nedka Ivan Lazarova” - Ruse

Vocational school of clothes design and tailoring named after Nedka Ivan Lazarova was established in the times of the Bulgarian Revival of Culture in 19th century with the donations of well-off progressive Bulgarian citizens and thankfully to the women’s volunteering organizations “Stupanka” and “Dobrodetel”. The school is a prestigious state school with a 127 years of history and plays a key role in the development of the vocational education not only in Ruse and the region, but in Bulgaria as a whole. More than 330 students are being taught in daily and distant forms of education in the following specialties: “Construction, Modeling and Technology of Textile Clothing”, “Fashion Design”, “Hairdressing”, “Cosmetics”, “Production of Textile Clothing”, “Tailoring”, “ Clothing Production”, „Computer-aided design of woven surface products”. There are 36 high-qualified teachers in the school, who teach general school subjects as well as subjects of specialty and practice.
The Fashion School of Rousse has gained acknowledgement for innovation ideas and is now recognized as one of the best vocational schools in the country.

Address: Veliko Tarnovo str. 21, 7018 Ruse, Bulgaria
Phone number: +359 82 83 49 46
E-mail: pgo_rousse@abv.bg
Website: www.pgo-rousse.com
Contact Person: Daniela Doynova, Boryana Meteva


SCIAT-Danube is a non-profit employers’ organization for companies of the Textile & Clothing industry in Bulgaria. SCIAT main object of activity is to help and to assist its members in raising their competitiveness and to contribute to the development and promotion of textile and clothing sector by protecting and defending the economic, professional, and legal interests of its members; contributing to the creation of normal market environment; supporting effective national and international cooperation. The organization provide consultation of textile and clothing companies in Bulgaria and Macedonia, with an emphasis on waste management, organization, rationalization, optimization of production, engineering technology, better productivity, quality control, quality improvement, job fairs and staff training.

Address: Ruse 7000, Knjajeska 16, Bulgaria
Phone number: 00359888712281
E-mail: milusheva@online.bg
Website: https://sciat.eu/
Contact Person: Dr. Petia Milusheva

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